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The Rechargeable E Cig

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A rechargeable e cig is the perfect alternative to traditional forms of smoking. They offer a list of benefits that can’t be matched by their traditional counterparts, including the ability to use them in places without creating dangerous second hand smoke and a lingering smell that sticks to clothing and furniture. All of the most popular brands of electronic smoking devices are rechargeable and they can all be found at the most reputable vape shop in Canada. For those interested in vaping, a rechargeable e cig starter kit can be the perfect way to get everything required in order to get started for a very reasonable price. The following are just a few of the top rated products available from the best vape shop in Canada.

510 T

The 510 T series is one of the most popular entry level electronic smokingdevices on the planet. They’re small, portable, widely available, and there are some great accessories on the market to customize for unique tastes and preferences. Starter kits from the finest in the industry can be found for as little as thirty dollars and include the atomizer, cartridges, a battery good for about three-hundred puffs, a USB charger, a carrying case, a 20ml bottle of top quality e liquid and an instruction booklet to help get you started. It’s a rechargeable e cig that has a lot going for it.

ELIPS Series

This is a step up from the entry level 510 T series. The most basic ELIPS Series rechargeable e cig starter kit includes a longer lasting 400 mAh lithium battery good for about seven-hundred puffs, a mouth piece, five 1.5ml tanks, a USB charger, a needle tip E Liquid bottle, a 20ml bottle of high end e liquid, a carrying case and an instruction booklet. They’re made with the highest quality materials and components available and offer a fantastically thick vapour.

EGO Series

These models are ideal for experienced and new vapers alike. Like the 510 T series, the EGO series boasts an impressive array of accessories able to customize the vaping experience for user specified attributes. A basic starter kit includes either a 650 or 900 mAh lithium ion battery, a USB charger, a 1.6ml capacity clearomizer, a carrying case, a 20ml bottle of your choice of e liquid and an instruction booklet. The leak-proof design of these top of the line e cigs and the simplicity of their operation make them a popular choice for many vaping enthusiasts. One of the most innovative functions of the EGO series is the power cut off feature. It can stop the flow of power if the activation button is pressed for longer than fifteen seconds, avoiding damage to the atomizer.
No matter which rechargeable e cig starter kit you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a great electronic smoking device that delivers exceptional performance when purchased through the most dependable retailer of fine electronic smoking goods in Canada. When purchased from their website, every single order will ship anywhere in Canada for free. Explore their great selection of high-end rechargeable e-cigs and make the switch to the cleaner alternative to traditional smoking today.
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